Data Processing & Analytics


Do you want to manage all your documents on the system? reduce the physical storage Space? access your documents easily & quickly? and safe guard your documents?

Our skilled digitization professionals can address all your questions… having rich expertise in this business, we understand the challenges and intricacies of scanning the physical documents into digital copies, in the client desired format. Our services will relieve our clients of the burden of seeking out multiple vendors to attain the best solution. We make recommendations on specifications on how the images will be used and where they will eventually reside. Regardless project scope, size, and item’s physiognomies, we have the proficiency, manpower and equipment to do the job end to end.


With in-depth domain experience, we provide conversion services to extract and transition the key business information from any source digital, typed, or handwritten to customized output formats using business rules. Our conversion service offers clients a complete, cost-effective paper-to-electronic solution. This service benefits quality output with a high level of accuracy and a flexible volume handling mechanism


  • Extract and Compile data from various input database / formats
  • Remove duplicates
  • Cleanse data for standardization
  • Customer specific output formats


Data analysis: Over the years, a team of process experts have made ready a basket of tools that improve the accuracy and efficiency of Quantitative & Qualitative data aggregation and analysis. We can set up a process to collect, dissect data and provide an objective-wise analysis in the form of a report or a presentation for senior leadership and operational leadership’s consumption.

Media Monitoring: Do you want to know what the Media is speaking about you? Which Journalists are writing the most, which newspapers and television channels, what audience do the cover? Then you need a Media Monitoring organization that will help with you with periodic or event based reports on what is being said about your brand/product.

Social Listening & CXO Advisory: PR communications and messaging using Media can create a significant impact on how customers and competition react. Listening to what they are saying is perhaps the most critical input to your next course of action. CXO’s, product teams and marketing department need credible information to act. Organizations use Social listening when there is a need to assess communications or lack thereof, for new product launches, new announcements (by self or competition), assessing a new geography, a new market or even during distress to plan real-time tactical responses.