About Us

“We embrace a culture of Positivity, where people are Respected for Awe inspiring skills and their Geniuses”
Who We Are
Incorporated under The Indian Companies Act 1956 in 2012 with customers across India, USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, Italy, China, Korea, Brazil & Middle East.
We are a Technology and Services company specializing in Publishing, Data processing, Analytics, Financial and Animation verticals. Expect a warm bunch of digital guru’s or technology experts or creative folks from our design studio eager to understand YOU and your business needs. Prag’s Art & Design Studio brings out innovative works… from animating children’s books to designing products…. almost like works of art. The enabling force is an agile & versatile Technology Solutions team, which also manages product releases, customised software solutions & maintenance support.
Binding all of these together is an experienced management team, comprising of practising Six Sigma Master Black belts and industry Leaders having over two decades of experience. Integrity, Quality, Equality and Humility are our core values and guiding light. Our brightest moments are when customers AND employees smile with satisfaction at the work done.
Key to Success
  • Quality never compromised
  • Focus on vital few clients
  • Leveraging expertise & Applied Knowledge
  • Ethical treatment to all stakeholders
  • Mutual beneficial & enduring relationships
  • Practice of continual improvement
Big Q Approach
‘We produce Quality through process’ hence it is not just an approach but a way of life for us. This philosophy flows top-down right from the Leadership at Prag ITech. Managers and staff are trained and mentored to follow a continuous improvement cycle that reflects in our products and services. We are a team of positive thinkers who have shared needs, right mindset, and perfect understanding of the big Q ideologies.

Our Group

Our Works

BaseMeet - Construction Management System

Web Scraping

E-Learning - Acupuncture education system

Finanza - LMS

Govinda Shani

Proper name version of king james bible

Retail Management System

RightSuite4Corporate – People Management System

Audio Book Platform - Simply Books

UpMind Reader

Novel Junction


Explainer Video

2D Animation

3D Animation


Story Board

Data Analytics

Data Scraping


Contact usCareer

James Hope

CEO- Upmind

"AS a first time user of Prag ITech we have been exceptionally happy with the service provided by the team at Prag ITech.  They diligently and competently approached the task before them and accomplished all the milestones as agreed.  Prag ITech also contributed additional ideas and concepts to the project ensuring that the output we received was even better than the original design.  Their staff are hard-working and have a keen interest in finalising projects on time and to the highest standard. We are pleased to recommend them and will be using Prag ITech again in the near future."

Bully Rai

Head of IT & DevelopmentGazeal

"Prag ITech have provided exemplary service through the entire course of our project.  They have dealt with all queries and requests in a timely and professional matter despite the time zone difference.  Their expertise has been invaluable in ensuring we reach our target launch deadlines and their ongoing support of the project is now vital to its success.  I would have no hesitation in recommending their services."

Rabbi Dan Medwin, MAJE

Publishing Technology Manager,CCAR

"Sethu and his team have unparalleled professionalism and a dedication to perfectionism. Their exceptional customer service and commitment to creating high quality products will have me working with them for years to come, but their good natured attitudes will make it fun and meaningful."

David Deaver Brown

Publisher &CEO of Simple Books

"Prag ITech has done a thorough job in processing our work and creating our Simply Books App for the Apple/iTunes store as well as porting it over to the Android/Google/Microsoft platform.  They are prompt, clear and helpful in all of their responses to our inquiries as well as anticipating many.  We highly recommend them and encourage you to contact us for any confirmation of our high opinion of Prag ITech."

Kerby Fannin

Name Publisher LLC

"After we engaged Prag ITech Private LTD to convert the Proper Name Version of the King James Bible into eBook formats, we received more from them than we could have ever expected. As highly gifted professionals in eBook conversion technology, they used their expertise to simplify navigation in a way that greatly enhances the overall reader experience. We found them to be highly flexible and very willing to adapt to unique requests in formatting requirements. Their team maintained effective communication throughout the entire project and either met or exceeded every deadline without sacrificing any detail."

  • A windows based application which track the end to end life cycle of a project.
  • Windows based application for filtering data from website
  • Auto keyword search feature
  • Audit logging feature
  • Web based application to enable the Doctor to teach Acupuncture Medical Methodology to their student’s across globe. User can enroll & Pay online, learn the entire course at their ease and write interim tests to qualify for the final certification. A strong colonisation system has been built in the system which facilitates the user to interact with the faculty at point of time during the entire course duration.
  • User friendly navigation
  • Video streaming accelerated through compression technology
  • Material is protected from downloading for security reason

  • Ultimate solution for managing loans process that covers all stages of a loan cycle including loan origination, underwriting, servicing, collections and documents management reporting.
  • User friendly modules to handle end to end loan progressing
  • Cloud based Document Management System with version control
  • Inbuilt CSAT and rating system
  • Govinda Shani Temple - Govinda Shani Deva Slogan.
  • Daily information updates
  • This is the simper-to-navigate and easier-to-understand reliable Bible that clearly reveals which god is God.
  • This app is designed to enable the reader to move quickly throughout the entire Bible with clear navigational screens that easily target specific books, chapters, and verses of the Bible.
  • Easy look-up and search features promote more in-depth study.
  • Easy sharing and note-taking capabilities are included.
  • One solution for complete office and people managements.
  • All HR Solutions in one place
  • Real-time collaboration using Project Management Office
  • Simplified time managemen
  • Mobile application developed for to read audio books online based on iOS technology.
  • Universal application works in all apple devices
  • Cloud based database maintenance
  • Dynamic update of audio files
  • In-App purchase
  • The UpMind application is designed to reduce barriers between vendors and potential purchasers, particularly at trade shows and exhibitions, but also has a range of other applications such as in-store shopping, payments systems, etc.
  • QR Code Generation.
  • Works in online/offline.
  • Customizable dashboard.
  • Novel Junction lets you read your favorite novels on the go. Choose from a massive collection of popular books that you can download in your Android devices.
  • Night-reading mode and more features
  • Online backup - your online novels library is always accessible, so anytime you get a new Android phone or Android tablet, your books are ready to download from your noveljunction.com bookshelf
    • Our skilled designers who are more capable in ideating the theme with creative solutions.
    • We are specialized in ideating, 3D modelling, 3D animation and excellent 3D graphics
    • Our expertise in Robotic Animation, Children's character modelling, 3D animation manuals for industry and consumer products & more . . .
    • Our magical illusration with professional artists make your content stand out.
    • We provide illustration services with our senior artists who are in the publishing industry for many years.
    • Our creativity and illustration will make your content stand out with extra ordinary lively feel to the art.
    • We create memorable storyboard before your big presentations
    • Our visual narration of your project will ensure the story is being told by Our professional artists
    • Our story board will reduce your cost of media production before in hand
    • We assist healthcare research and foundation with data analytics
    • Our spiders are used across to pull and validate data
    • Our Six Sigma experts in Green / Black belt will analyze data with their statistical approach and business intelligence model
    • Key business strategist make recommendations out of these given interpretable data
    • Sourcing data through web / internet sources
    • Deskilled activity through spiders pulling the data
    • Enhanced content accuracy with no editing of data